Song interpretation

Welcome back for all my student……….. long time no see all. i’ll come back to post my new assignment for you all. happy doing………… what you have to do is…….

1. Look for your favorite English song, write the title and post the lyric

2. Listen the song and tell about the song is

3. Give your reason why you like that song so much and tell your feeling when you are listening that song

That’s all your assignment thanks so much……… i wait your posting in my comment box. see you


Assignment for 1st of march 2013

Hai my great students…..Can you see the beatiful red flower above? that is so beautifil right? for the new assignment, i want you to use that picture as one of the word to make english letter or english poem for people who you want to give.

Assignment for 2nd of February 2013

Love Text -

Hello my wonderful student…. welcome back to new assignment for this month. can you see the piture above? i think all of you have understood about that. Yups,,, we are going to talk about Valentine day, because we come to February month whic is famous as month that is full of love.

1. What do you think about Valentine day? explain more about it.

2. What the meaning of Valentine day for you?

3. do you think that valentine day is only for february month?

4. Should you celebrate valentine Day? if yes or no please give your reason.

Happy Valentine's -

Appreciation for you

To appreciate your work hard. i will give price for you who always post your comment firstly. After the next middle test, you can ask me who always post their comment in earlier time. So, please be up to date to post your comment in my blog. see you!!!

Happy Autumn Text -


Assignment for 19th of january 2013

Hello my nice students….. thanks for giving comment in my blog. thanks for you who have done all the instructions before. but I hope on the next assignment, you can be focus in order to answer the question correctly. Ok for the next assignment are:

1. Do you know BBEC in my blog? if i have my own private english course, do you like it? do you want to join in my english club? if yes or no please your original reason based on your heart.

2. Talking about english course, what do you feel with your english course now. give critic about that and give suggestion for your english course now.

3. And the last. imagine that you have money one (1) billion rupiah. and you want to make english course. how is your english course will be? please explain about what your english course you want.

That’s all for the assignment this week. please give your answer in the comment box bellow and the due date is 1st of february 2013

Relative clause

Hello students…. after knowing about relative clause, i’m sure that you need exercise to practice your understanding about relative clause. because i know how important to practice this matey, i have downloaded two exercices for you from ISL website that is very useful to practice the lesson. this website has many interesting exercices that can help you to try to practice this lesson. you can download and happy doing the task!!!!!

1. Adjective clause

2. Relative clause mixing

Assignment on 5th of january 2013

Hello my students… the first time i want to say happy new year for you all. may you can be better students. if you want to be better student, i am sure that you are ready to do next online assignment. for next assignment, please tell me about the things bellow

1. Tell about your holiday (where,who went with you, and how was your holiday)

2. Tell about your imaginable place (why do you want to go there and whom do you invite)

please send your answer in comment box bellow and the last date is on 18th of january 2013

good luck my students!!!!!!!!!!

Brochure of BBEC

Brochure of BBEC

this is my BBEC program

PPT Resource for lerning english

Hello everyone….there are three power points that can help you or your student to study english especially for young lerners. these power points come from the isl website that gives me much information. if you want to have the resource like this one. you can choose the worksheet link on the left of my blog. try it Ok!!!!!

1. Animal

2. Part of body

3. Telling the Time

may they useful for you. and i hope this blog can help you

Passive voice

Hello my students….. in english, you will find an interesting lesson that calls passive voice. for helping you study passive voice, here are some exercises to practice that lesson. you can download them and practice it.  i hope this is useful for you because to study passive voice, you need exercice more. keep studying my beloved students. may you get better english!!!!

1. passive voice part 1

2. passive voice part 2